Students can complete their degree in lesser time by taking advantage of Bakerville Student Credit Transfer Program. This helps them continue their education program in a more flexible and affordable manner.

Bakerville students enjoy a shorter and more affordable route to graduation through credit transfer. Approximately 80% of bachelor's students receive transfer credit toward their program, with half of them bringing in more than 50 credits. Similarly, 70% of doctoral students use credit transfer to save time and money on their program, with over half receiving 25 - 50 transfer credits into their program. Except in the case of a combined degree, your master’s program is unable to accept transfer credits from your bachelor’s.

Save time and money on your Bakerville degree when you transfer credits from regionally accredited or internationally recognized institutions.

A More Direct Path to Graduation

Bakerville Students that Received Transfer Credits Toward Their Program

The Credit Transfer Process

As part of your application, you have the option to give permission for Bakerville to automatically request - and pay for - your official transcripts to evaluate your transfer credits. Your transcript will be evaluated against Bakerville's transfer credit and prior learning assessment policy and based on factors such as applicability to degree requirements, grade earned, match to Bakerville courses per department, title, level, and description of course content.

You will receive a transfer credit evaluation, including a summary of the courses that have been accepted for transfer; transfer credit is awarded for those courses. You can appeal your transfer credit evaluation by submitting additional information, including and extended course description and syllabus.

The Credit Transfer Evaluation Factors

Credit awarded from an academic institution or program that was accredited prior to the applicant’s withdrawal from the institution.    
Credit awarded by an institution or program with provisional accreditation at the time the applicant withdrew from the institution.    
Credit awarded by another institution’s petition for credit, portfolio assessments, or institution-specific credit by examination.    
Credit awarded by other institutions through processes such as transfer, credit by a standardized exam such as CLEP or DSST.    
Undergraduate course work completed with a grade of "C-" or better. Graduate course work completed with a grade of "B-" or better.    
Graduate-level courses applied toward a previous undergraduate degree.    
Vocational courses from technical colleges and programs.    
Courses completed outside of the U.S.    

Facts and Figures

Bakerville faculty memberships create a truly global learning environment with their extensive experience and qualifications, with over 70% holding Ph.D.'s

Bakerville alumni enjoy a high employability rate and more than 80% of them are working for Fortune 500 companies.