At Bakerville University, we give you enough reasons to be inclined towards us. People who have been skeptical about online universities...

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BVU offers programs and a cirriculum that is centred and built keeping today's working adults and students' needs in mind. Its ongoing ...

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We at BVU know well how rapidly increasing tuition costs put a damper on your education and professional goals. That is why we are...

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One of the world's leading accredited online universities:

Bakerville University

Bakerville University continually strives to deliver high standards in online education to individuals around the globe. In order to maintain immaculate quality, Bakerville University adapts stringent processes for devising pertinent curricula...

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Business Management

The field of Business Management was and remains the most popular fields of study for young students and professionals who are looking to boost their career prospects.

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Project Management

Project Management branches out into fields of Management, IT and Engineering which is why it is one of the most popular degree programs being offered at Bakerville

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Rapidly expanding population entails with it the demand for more space. Engineering is the foundation upon which the gears of civilization will always keep turning.

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Social Sciences

Social Sciences focuses on how people think as individuals and their behavior in the society. It remains one of the leading industries the world over.

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Human Resource Management

An organization is only as strong as the people working in it. Through the ages HRM has drastically involved to become the core function of the organization.

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Occupational Safety

Ensuring safety at the workplace stands as a primary concern for organizations worldwide which is why it is one of the most important factors an organization needs to pay heed to.

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I, Jerry J. Daly from New Jersey, United States graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship from Bakerville University. At present, I am running my very own successful media agency, which promotes news and events from United States. All thanks to Bakerville University for providing every individual a chance to pursue their dreams at ease. The university has assisted me to hone my skills and expertise, due to which I have been able to pursue my goals.

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I am Arnold C. Scott, practicing as professional psychology and consultant at a renowned consulting and global management firm. I am basically from Alaska State in United States, but currently, I have shifted for my job to New Jersey. I never knew I shall become an essential part of the society as well as of the professional world, due to my exceptional skills in the field of psychology. This has been possible due to Bakerville University and its offered online programs in Psychology.
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I Leanne R. Bowers, a career-oriented lady from Pennsylvania, a teacher at one of the top schools of special children and adding colors of joy and hope in their lives. I graduated from Bakerville University in the spring of 2013. Currently, I am teaching in the state of Tennessee, as a resource teacher for 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade. I have the best students and love working with the kiddos. I would not be able to be a successful teacher without the support and instruction of my professors, who have helped me in pursuing my degree! I am especially thankful for Dr. Moore’s assessment course, which has greatly helped me in my career.

LEANNE R. BOWERS View Complete Story

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