The Bakerville Entrepreneur Experience Lab puts entrepreneurs at the center of an ongoing effort to design, prototype, and test a new generation of solutions to achieve a new economic vision with entrepreneurship at its heart.

At Bakerville University , students are the first priority. We are well aware of the fact that most of our students are busy professionals; we have designed flexible class schedules so they can finish their program at their own pace.

Curriculum by Design

The Bakerville curriculum is designed to inspire students and executives with a passion for creating economic value while incorporating concerns for people and planet. Our vision began as a bold experiment that placed Entrepreneurial Thought at the core of the curriculum. Today, the world looks to Bakerville’s curriculum as the benchmark for an entrepreneurial course of study where students learn to be agile thinkers who create and capitalize on opportunities to make a difference.

Schools of study
Social Services
The School of Social Service at Bakerville University has defined the field of social work and social welfare.
Business & Management
The School of Business and Management provides advanced professional education that can serve as a catalyst in career progression.
Law & Legal Studies
Bakerville School of Law and Legal studies aspires to open new vistas in the arenas of law and legal studies through an incessant endeavor.
Criminal Justice
The School of Criminal Justice at Bakerville University is the pioneer in international education on crime and justice issues.
Occupational Safety
The School of Political Science and Public Administration at Bakerville University is a complete teaching unit equipped with world’s best faculty.
An exceptional community of students, educators and engineering practitioners, the Bakerville School of Engineering is educating the next generation.
General Education
Bakerville School of Education continues its successful journey as a world leader in ground breaking, cross disciplinary inquiries.
Health Sciences
The School of Health Sciences at Bakerville University is an international leader in finding ways to maximize health of people and improve quality.
Applied Arts
Known for the comprehensiveness of its programs, the school is in a unique position to explore what it means to be an art college in the twenty-first century.
Political Science
The School of Political Science and Public Administration at Bakerville University is a complete teaching unit equipped with world’s best faculty.
Bakerville School of Nursing will instill a commitment of passion in you that will equip you with all the vital knowledge and skills required to become a successful nurse.
Performing Arts
The School of Performing Arts provides excellence in arts education through a diverse curriculum, while fostering creativity.
Computer Science
At Bakerville School of Computer Science you will be exposed to an unparalleled educational experience that will put you on a higher position than others.
Social Sciences
The School of Social Sciences focuses on how people think as individuals and their behavior in the society. At School of Social Sciences we seek to uncover.
The School of Psychology at Bakerville University is one of the oldest and has produced hundred of graduates who are now known for their work in the field.

Facts and Figures

Bakerville faculty memberships create a truly global learning environment with their extensive experience and qualifications, with over 70% holding Ph.D.'s

Bakerville alumni enjoy a high employability rate and more than 80% of them are working for Fortune 500 companies.