I am Arnold C. Scott, practicing as professional psychology and consultant at a renowned consulting and global management firm. I am basically from Alaska State in United States, but currently, I have shifted for my job to New Jersey. I never knew I shall become an essential part of the society as well as of the professional world, due to my exceptional skills in the field of psychology. This has been possible due to Bakerville University and its offered online programs in Psychology. Today what I am is due to Bakerville University, as it has provided me the flexibility to continue with education while managing other responsibilities. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bakerville University, I started applying for my job; I never knew I would avail such a lucrative opportunity in my field of interest.

Different hardships in life made me joined the professional world before time and I became off track from my ambitions. I was a careless guy at early age and never focused on my studies. I used to have fun time with my friends all day long. One day my father left me, my family and this world. He left us alone to survive in the world without his support. At that time, I was in high school and I never ever thought about facing such situation. I was the eldest and the only male in my family after my father. Now it was the time to stand up and hold the hands of my family members. I started making efforts so that I can help my sisters pursue their educational goals, so that they can move ahead in their life with a prosperous career. After high school, I did not enroll for my bachelor’s degree, instead I started seeking jobs. Due to just having high school education, I couldn’t get a fulfilling career. I worked day and night, first in the morning and then a part time job at night, in order to make both ends meet.

Finally, God Almighty provided me an opportunity to pursue my educational goals and achieve my career aspirations. While I was having a conversation with my colleague regarding my field of interest and my education, he told me about Bakerville University. For me it was a sign from God that go ahead and achieve your goals. I further asked about the university and also, researched myself about it from different sources and decided to enroll instantly. By enrolling in an online program at Bakerville University, I was able to complete my degree at my own pace and as per my schedule, without any hassle. While managing my jobs, I kept on clearing my semester successfully, all thanks to the dedicated faculty members from around the world. They played a significant role in my success.