I, Jerry J. Daly from New Jersey, United States graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship from Bakerville University. At present, I am running my very own successful media agency, which promotes news and events from United States. All thanks to Bakerville University for providing every individual a chance to pursue their dreams at ease. The university has assisted me to hone my skills and expertise, due to which I have been able to pursue my goals.

My parents died, when I was just 15 years old in a car accident. I had two younger sisters and a brother for whom I have to work day and night, in order to fulfill their needs. I always had a dream that one day I will own a company and my father used to encourage me and guide me. But, after he left, I was lost in the dark. My aim was somewhere lost in between as I was making efforts to help my brother and sisters complete their education. I was a brilliant student and have acquired scholarship from school, due to which I was able to pursue my high school education. I used to work in evening after high school and study at night. God Almighty helped me in this phase and my hard work paid off and I again scored good grades. Now, I was unable to pursue a professional education that can help me move ahead in my life. I therefore, enrolled at a part time university for graduation, as I had no time for studying and I also could not pay the high tuition fee.

Soon after graduation, I started working at an ad agency as an Executive. Later, I heard about Bakerville University and its online programs. I found a lot of credible material regarding Bakerville University’s operations and education system. Instantaneously, I decided to go for it for my MBA in Entrepreneurship. I knew this degree will help me out in making my way towards my career goals. It’s offered online programs are self-paced and affordable, which has helped me to manage my work schedule and other responsibilities.

Today, my life has changed and I am one of the top renowned employers and entrepreneurs in United States. Thank God Almighty and Bakerville University for their efforts in helping me achieve my aims and objectives. The top-notch and highly qualified faculty members guided me through the stream and kept me motivated towards my ambitions. The quality of online education matches the international level and therefore, I have developed the best skills and expertise in my respective domain.