I Leanne R. Bowers, a career-oriented lady from Pennsylvania, a teacher at one of the top schools of special children and adding colors of joy and hope in their lives. I graduated from Bakerville University in the spring of 2013. Currently, I am teaching in the state of Tennessee, as a resource teacher for 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade. I have the best students and love working with the kiddos. I would not be able to be a successful teacher without the support and instruction of my professors, who have helped me in pursuing my degree! I am especially thankful for Dr. Moore’s assessment course, which has greatly helped me in my career. I never knew one day my existence will help others in living a happy life. I teach special children at school, for me they are special as they learn the routine tasks and other things in a very special way. This is the beauty of the degree program, I have earned from Bakerville University. My instructors have played a major role in making me understand the complexities of each course and how I can make things simple, so that special children can comprehend easily.

I am a career-oriented lady; I always aimed high and had a dream of reaching the peak of success in my career. I must say I was a bit selfish, as I only wanted to live for myself and achieve my career aspirations to improve my career prospects. But, suddenly, something changed everything in my life. God blessed me with a daughter, who is now one of the special children, I am teaching. My husband died due to lungs cancer and I was alone in this world to take care of her. My daughter suffers from dyslexia and I was unable to understand what to do. I consulted a doctor and she told me that she needs to go to a special school where the understanding of children is developed, so that they can complete their basic education. Soon after she started her school, I decided to learn how I can teach my child and others, how this world seems to them and how I can make this world look the way they want to see.

Hearing a lot about Bakerville University’s flexible and self-paced online programs in diverse fields, I took my step forward and enrolled for a Master’s degree in Special Education. Instructors at Bakerville University, committed to students’ success, played an essential role in developing my understanding in the subject area. Today, I am pursuing my career as a professional special education teacher and enlightening the lives of children with best of my efforts and skills. Through Bakerville University, I have been able to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals.